CNC 4th Axis Rotary Table (100mm / 4 inch)

CNC 4th Axis Rotary Table (100mm / 4 inch)

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CNC 4th axis rotary table with optional connector for Gecko G540, Sieg, Sherline and MicroProto Systems CNC controllers. Suitable for mini mills including Sherline, Sieg and Taig.



This 100mm (4 in) CNC rotary table just the right size for mini-mills such as Taig, Sherline and Asian imports (Sieg, Grizzly, Harbor Freight, etc). Its compact build allows for greater headroom for your tool and workpiece during machining operations.

Despite its small size, it is perfectly capable of operating with large machines as well. Its rigid enough to handle any workpiece within its work envelope under a variety of machining operations. Combined with its precision, this CNC rotary table is the natural choice for 4th axis CNC work.

This rotary table is built for production use but priced for hobbyists and home shop machinists. Have a small machine shop? This is the rotary table that you have been waiting for. Choose from a wide selection of connectors that will fit popular stepper motor controllers. Do you have a stepper motor controller with a terminal block? We you can order this CNC rotary table without a connector too! Either way, when you take the rotary table out of the box, it is ready for use.

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  • Solid cast iron construction
  • Full brass 36:1 worm wheel
  • Your choice of connector:
    1. None - flying leads suitable for your own custom CNC controllers
    2. DB9 for Gecko G540 controllers
    3. 10 pin circular (WS24) for Sieg CNC mills (e.g. KX1)
    4. 5 pin DIN for Sherline products (8760, 8540, 8020, etc)
    5. 6 pin DIN for MicroProto Systems 2000 series CNC products
  • 1.5 m (5 ft) long cable (6 wire, bipolar or unipolar mode)
  • Rapids of over 180°/s (depending on motor driver)
  • Hybrid NEMA 23 stepper motor with 1.8° steps
  • 7200 full steps per revolution (much higher with micro-stepping)
  • Dust proof coupling cover for trouble free operation
  • Maximum backlash (all rotary tables are tested to be within this spec): 20 arc minutes
  • Typical backlash (most rotary tables are shipped within this spec): 15 arc minutes
  • 3 jaw chuck with backplate, tailstock, T nuts and clamping kit are available and sold separately

Included Items

  • 100 mm (4 in) CNC rotary table
  • Optional CNC controller connector
  • Handle for manual use

Recommended Operating Conditions

  • Maximum angular velocity: 30°/s
  • Maximum angular acceleration: 250°/s2
  • 1A half winding current or 0.5A full winding current


Wiring instructions (PDF)

Mounting plate design for Sherline mills (PDF)

Mounting plate design for Sieg KX1 mills (PDF)

Mounting plate design for Taig mills (PDF)