80mm / 3 inch Chuck with Backplate

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80mm / 3 inch Chuck with Backplate

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3 jaw chuck with backplate for 100 mm (4 in) CNC rotary table



This chuck allows you to easily and accurately hold your workpiece while performing CNC machining operations. This comes with all the SHCS (socket head cap screws) and hardware necessary to mount and use the chuck right away. This kit fits our 100mm (4 in) rotary table.

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  • Heavy duty cast iron chuck body
  • Hardened steel chuck jaws
  • Precision machined backplate
  • Radial TIR: 0.07mm / 3 thou
  • Axial TIR: 0.04mm / 1.6 thou
  • Clamping range (ID jaws): 2 to 28 mm / 0.08 to 1.1 inches
  • Clamping range (OD jaws): 22 to 70 mm / 0.87 to 2.75 inches

Included Items

  • 3 jaw scroll chuck
  • 1 set of ID jaws
  • 1 set of OD jaws
  • Chuck key
  • Backplate
  • 3 SHCS to mount chuck to the backplate
  • 4 SHCS to mount the backplate to the rotary table
  • 4 square nuts (may or may not be zinc plated)

Installation Instructions

  1. Place the chuck on the backplate using the alignment register
  2. Bolt the chuck to the backplate via 3 socket head cap screws
  3. Insert the 4 square nuts into the T slots
  4. Lower the backplate and chuck assembly onto the rotary table face and align the holes to the threads on the nuts
  5. Screw down the backplate to the 4 nuts, but only so that the backplate is barely snug
  6. Tap the chuck into centre. You can do this by either:
    • Indicating the edge of the backplate
    • Indicating a piece of ground stock held in chuck jaws